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You're not alone in this case and we are rushing to release Eigen 3.0
as soon as possible.

If I had to give a time estimate, my guess would be: one month. But
this really depends on how quick we are to fix the 3.0 blockers:

Notice that beta3 is when we will make the API 100% stable. The only
thing that 3.0 final will bring is bug fixes and more eigen2
compatibility features.

I'll shortly send an update on the status of beta3 blockers.


2011/1/21 volkan orhan <volkancsh@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello,
> I use Eigen 3.0 Beta 2 in our projects, but before release version of our
> project, I need to request a confirmation for using this library from our
> corporation. Since 3.0 version of this library is Beta, I will not be able
> to obtain a confirmation. If I use 2.x version of this library, I will need
> to change so many things on our project (I also overloaded assignment and
> type conversion operators for making more compatibility with Eigen 3.0).
> What time can Eigen 3.0 final version be released?
> Thanks

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