[eigen] Scheduling beta3 on sunday february 6 ?

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Despite the flurry of improvements currently happening in hg, we still
need to focus and actually release this beta3 !

Let's schedule it. Do you agree for Sunday February 6 ? That leaves us 10 days.

That means that we have at most one week to finish it. Does that sound
OK? The blockers are:


       51: no malloc in fixed-size products

Gael, if you don't have time, this can be dropped from beta3 and block
only final.

       52: Strides API

Will do (if I make API changes there, i'll write to this list very
soon with my proposal)

       53: Sparse - API stability for basic features

Gael, please decide very soon the fate of Sparse in 3.0! As we
discussed, even if it's not stable, we dont necessarily have to move
it to unsupported: it is rather less intrusive to force users to

       57: Uniform external library support

Gael -> if Sparse isn't stable in 3.0, then this is no longer a blocker.

       59: Clean up FullPivHouseholderQR

Will do very soon.

       73: 3.0-beta2: Intel incomplete type error breaks several unit tests

This one needs attention. Can anyone install ICC and have a look?

       100: Finalize the array-as-scalar feature [See dependency tree
for bug 100]

Shouldn't we just make this a 3.1 feature at this point? How does it
affect existing API?

       131: Unaligned Quaternions/Transformations

Need to have a look at this. I think it was added recently.

       148: array-matrix transpose product does not compile



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