Re: [eigen] Index type for PermutationMatrix and Transpositions

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On 01/25/11 10:11:22, Gael Guennebaud wrote:
> Since it is unbelievable
> that one day someone will perform a LU or LDLT dec on a matrix
> requiring 64bits integers for the indices (think about the size of 
> the
> matrix!), I think it is safe to use int there too.

I agree for dense matrices, but a tridiagonal matrix of size 2^32 
isn't out of range (IMHO). So the situation might be different for 
sparse matrices - even in the near future.


Helmut Jarausch
Lehrstuhl fuer Numerische Mathematik
RWTH - Aachen University
D 52056 Aachen, Germany

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