Re: [eigen] [Patch] Bug in Sparse module

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Thanks; Gael will handle this when he can: he might be on vacation.


2010/12/28 David Luitz <tux008@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi all,
> There is a bug in the Sparse Module, in
> Eigen/src/Sparse/SparseDenseProduct.h class SparseTimeDenseProduct.
> The problem is, that j runs from 0 to lhs.outerSize(), and coeff(j,0) may be
> out of range if lhs is Row major. This results in a segmentation fault,
> which is illustrated by the piece of code attached in the file
> (Change the commented line to compare both cases.)
> I have written a patch that solves this problem by changing the order of the
> existing code. The new code also eliminates the temporary variables dest_j
> and rhs_j in the cases where they are not needed.
> The patch should work against mercurial revision 3604:537b5d33b440
> Greetings,
> David J. Luitz

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