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Thanks, this is a welcome change.

The 'overview' section with selling points needs to be almost
completely rewritten.

I'm not sure that an easy download button adds much. It's not that
hard to find Download in the table of contents, and then it's on the
first line. The problem with a single download button is that you
don't know whether the user wants .zip or .tar.gz, and it's also not a
bad thing to steer the user toward a section where he can discover
about hg and the development branch.

Documentation links are given on the left side navigation panel.

There's value in having lots of stuff on one big page: it makes Ctrl+F powerful.


PS. The reason why I didnt reply was really just that I was busy :) I
appreciate that you open a discussion before making large changes on
the main page, please continue doing do.

2010/12/8 Eamon Nerbonne <eamon@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> I'm taking this as agreement and updated the wiki - if that's Not Good, the
> link to revert the change is here:
> I think the rest of the page could also use a little clean-up; it's the
> first thing people see, and ideally should make three things obvious:
>  - Eigen's Core selling points
>  - an easy "Download" button
>  - a documentation link
> Anything else should be formatted so as not to distract from that primary
> focus.
> --eamon@xxxxxxxxxxxx - Tel#:+31-6-15142163
> On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 21:16, Eamon Nerbonne <eamon@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> The main page has been bugging me a bit by being too long and hard to
>> skim.  I want to replace the Documentation section to avoid the word "here"
>> in links, e.g. with the following:
>> * [ Eigen 2 documentation]: this includes
>> the [ Eigen 2 Tutorial].
>> * [ Eigen 3 documentation] (unstable
>> branch): this includes a
>> [ getting started
>> guide], a [
>> long tutorial], a [
>> quick reference], and page about
>> [ porting from Eigen
>> 2 to Eigen 3].
>> If you're interested in how Eigen works, you can read
>> [ What happens inside
>> Eigen on a simple example] and read about [[EigenInternals|Eigen's
>> Internals]].
>> For information about Python interoperability see: [[PythonInterop]].
>> -------
>> Any objections?
>> --eamon@xxxxxxxxxxxx - Tel#:+31-6-15142163

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