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Dear list,

I want to use this mailing list to announce a scientific software project being developed at Vienna Technical University which makes use of the Eigen library (2.0). Thank you very much for providing this excellent piece of software and all the support during past development.

SLangTNG is an application suite which provides scientists, students and engineers a tool for
* fast and simple linear algebra (like MATLAB(TM)/Mathematica(TM)/Maple(TM))
* dense and sparse matrices, solvers and decompositions
* random number generation
* advanced statistics
* numerical analysis
* structural mechanics using FEM
* data visualization
* scripting using the Lua interpreter language

Target platforms:
* Linux
* Mac OS X

The basic idea is to provide people with little programming skills a scripting engine for their engineering/numerical simulation tasks.

Lua is a full featured and probably the most efficient scripting language. The math kernel is based on KDE's Eigen library providing superfast linear algebra and algorithms. The bindings are provided automatically by SWIG (with custom bindings to make things comfortable). All algorithms are organized in modules, i.e. small C++ libraries which may be separated from the main package. SLangTNG is actually a large collection of C++ modules with common interface. Executables are provided by custom driver apps. By default, a simple Qt application and a batch mode app are provided.

Resources can be found on http://tng.tuxfamily.org

Kind regards
Sebastian Wolff

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