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Great news!

I'm glad that Eigen 2.0 makes you happy but at the same time, since
for this kind of application you probably rely heavily on a good
number of decomposition algorithms, I must stay that Eigen 3 is going
to be a large improvement for you (performance and reliability). Let
us know if anything is blocking you from upgrading (I understand if
you just need it to be actually released :-) )


2010/11/16 Sebastian Wolff <sw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Dear list,
> I want to use this mailing list to announce a scientific software project
> being developed at Vienna Technical University which makes use of the Eigen
> library (2.0). Thank you very much for providing this excellent piece of
> software and all the support during past development.
> SLangTNG is an application suite which provides scientists, students and
> engineers a tool for
> * fast and simple linear algebra (like MATLAB(TM)/Mathematica(TM)/Maple(TM))
> * dense and sparse matrices, solvers and decompositions
> * random number generation
> * advanced statistics
> * numerical analysis
> * structural mechanics using FEM
> * data visualization
> * scripting using the Lua interpreter language
> Target platforms:
> * Linux
> * Mac OS X
> The basic idea is to provide people with little programming skills a
> scripting engine for their engineering/numerical simulation tasks.
> Lua is a full featured and probably the most efficient scripting language.
> The math kernel is based on KDE's Eigen library providing superfast linear
> algebra and algorithms. The bindings are provided automatically by SWIG
> (with custom bindings to make things comfortable). All algorithms are
> organized in modules, i.e. small C++ libraries which may be separated from
> the main package. SLangTNG is actually a large collection of C++ modules
> with common interface. Executables are provided by custom driver apps. By
> default, a simple Qt application and a batch mode app are provided.
> Resources can be found on
> Kind regards
> Sebastian Wolff

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