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2010/9/29  <hamelin.philippe@xxxxxxx>:
> Hello,
> when updating from eigen2 to eigen3, I found that my pseudo-inverse was not
> working correctly for singular matrices. However, just replacing SVD with
> JacobiSVD makes it work. Before looking further, is there any limitation
> with SVD with singular matrices such as:
> [1 1;0 0]

JacobiSVD always works, and is always precise. But it's slow for large matrices.

SVD uses the Golub-Kahan bidiagonalization approach. So it's faster,
but potentially inaccurate for certain singular matrices.

I would be surprised though if the above 2x2 matrix was enough to
expose problems in it. That would be a bug. Can you make a compilable
test case?


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