Re: [eigen] eigen2 co-existing with eigen3

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Hm, interesting. While we took care of making eigen 2 and 3
coinstallable we didn't think that a single file would want to include
both. Renaming the namespace fixes part of the problem but you are
still left with conflicting macro definitions and conflicting std::
containers specializations if you use our std containers support
headers. I don't really know what to do about that.


2010/9/16 Radu Bogdan Rusu <rusu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Since it seems that eigen2 uses the same namespace as eigen3, is there a
> preferred behavior on them co-existing happily? We have some bits of code
> that are now using both (well, importing the headers at least - through the
> use of different packages), and the only solution that we found was to patch
> beta1 to rename the namespace from Eigen to Eigen3.
> Is that the preferred behavior at this point?
> Thanks,
> Radu.
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> | Radu Bogdan Rusu |

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