RE: [eigen] Eigen3 dev branch - Problem inverting 6x6 identity matrix

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After debugging the code, I may add some more information. This is effectively an infinite loop in function:
template <typename Scalar, typename Index, int Mode, bool Conjugate, int TriStorageOrder>
struct ei_triangular_solve_matrix<Scalar,Index,OnTheLeft,Mode,Conjugate,TriStorageOrder,ColMajor>
More specifically, in this loop:
        for(Index i2=start; i2<end; i2+=mc)
          const Index actual_mc = std::min(mc,end-i2);
          if (actual_mc>0)
            pack_lhs(blockA, &tri(i2, IsLower ? k2 : k2-kc), triStride, actual_kc, actual_mc);
            gebp_kernel(_other+i2, otherStride, blockA, blockB, actual_mc, actual_kc, cols, Scalar(-1));
The value of "mc" is zero, so the for loop never ends.

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I'm getting problem inverting an identity matrix with Eigen3, let say :
With the beta1 version, it produces an "Arithmetic Exception". With the trunk, it's mostly an infinite loop (at least I cancelled it after about 30 seconds). Does anybody can reproduce that problem? I'm on Ubuntu with GCC 4.4.3.
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