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On 08/24/10 10:37 AM, Benoit Jacob wrote:

Hm. We're supposed to support Sun CC but I would guess that it doesn't
get very frequent testing.

If you think that it used to work until recently, it can be useful to bisect.

This particular error is about a method, topRows(), that is overloaded
wrt template parameters. There's a version not taking any template
param, and also a template<int N>  version. No idea how to make Sun CC
accept that (it is complaining about the latter).

Hi Gang:

The name has changed recently to Oracle Solaris Studio Express.

And, contrary to the new name, it is available for Linux x86 (RHEL
and SuSE).  I find it helpful since it finds errors that GCC does
not (things that really appear to be errors and not just differences
of opinion).  It's a free download.

I thought Eigen 2.0 worked, but I haven't gotten around to working
with 3.0 yet.

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