Re: [eigen] Getting to a solution from sparse matrices, Eigen3

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Am 17.08.2010 15:59, schrieb Will S:
... So far the
only way through the API I've seen to solve is to first call
sparse.toDense() then solve, but I'm wondering if there is a way to
solve a sparse matrix without calling .toDense() first in Eigen 3

To quote the docs  "To summarize, it is recommanded to use a SparseMatrix whenever this is possible, and reserve the use of DynamicSparseMatrix for matrix assembly purpose when a SparseMatrix is not flexible enough."


"Then the DynamicSparseMatrix object can be converted to a compact SparseMatrix to be used"

I presume your sneaking suspision: Converting a (dynamic)sparsematrix into a densematrix is really pointless.


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