Re: [eigen] adopting a slightly more strict commit policy

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Of course I agree. Checking for tests is obvious, and non pushing before leaving even more!

Thomas, aka "commit dictator" when I am project manager.


Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On Monday 16 August 2010 18:58:02 Benoit Jacob wrote:

> Hi,


> In the recent past, we have pushed stuff that made tests fail, or even

> fail to build. It would have helped if we had had a policy of always

> building and running all tests before pushing anything.


> On the other hand, this can take a long time and sometimes one wants

> to push quickly.


> So here's a proposal:

> - ideally we check all the tests before pushing;

> - however if needed we may push first and check immediately after.

> This means be available later on the same day to fix any ensuing test

> failure as quickly as possible.


> In any case: don't push just before leaving for a vacation :) (not

> that this has happened --- I just like to annoy people with obvious

> statements)


> Do you agree?

> Benoit




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