Re: [eigen] Callback function for progress reporting

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There's none. Though you could really easily add one for yourself :-) if you are calling inverse() with Eigen3, it is internally using a PartialPivLU, so you could add reporting code there. Eigen/src/LU/PartialPivLU.h. At a large scale, it is working in the blocked_lu() function, so at the start of it, at line 314, you could print rows and cols...

2010/8/17 Will S <billy.baloop@xxxxxxxxx>
So, I am happily waiting on my 13952x13952 matrix element inversion to
complete on 64-bit platform, and I'm wondering if there is a CALLBACK
function (that gets called say, once a second) we can latch to in
order to display a progress meter?

This really could take a while..

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