Re: [eigen] beta1: geo_alignedbox_8 failing

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On Wed, 30 Jun 2010, Carlos Becker wrote:

The other error I get is regarding geo_alignedbox_8:

Test alignedboxCastTests(AlignedBox<double,1>()) failed in
"/home/cjb/eigenThings/eigenBetaTest/eigen/test/geo_alignedbox.cpp" (105)
    test_ei_isApprox(hp1f.template cast<Scalar>(), b0)

So I believe it is due to the same issues as the previous email regarding
nullary tests, but I don't know exactly what this is supposed to do.

I had a look at this and I think there was a genuine bug lurking underneath, which I now fixed. For the record, the code

  AlignedBox<double,1> interval;
  Matrix<double,1,1> alpha;
  alpha << -1;
  cout << interval.min() << " , " << interval.max() << "\n";

used to print: -1 , 2.22507e-308
but now prints: -1 , -1

The problem was that std::numeric_limits<double>::min() does not return the smallest double (approx. -1e300) but the smallest positive normalized double (approx. 1e-300).


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