Re: [eigen] beta1 tagged (NOT RELEASED), first try

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On Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 1:37 PM, Basil Fierz <basil.fierz@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hauke,
> I just realized that I didn't run my test with OpenMP support.
> So packetmath_1 fails on MSVC 2010 x64 build without OpenMP.
> I looked up the CMakeLists.txt in the top level directory.
> Does this line work also on MSVC:
> check_cxx_compiler_flag("-fopenmp" COMPILER_SUPPORT_OPENMP)

No, I committed something this morning which allows to turn on OpenMP
on MSVC systems. So you have to pull - and probably we should now also
be updating again to the tip because there are already a few fixes in
the repository. As long as nobody commits something ugly it should be
fine. Actually, we should have created a release branch. Then you can
have people continuing on the devel branch while the release is
prepared on the branch - maybe we still should do that. AFAIK this is
the common release procedure (at least for big) releases.

Finally, I also have the link to the first dashboard entry:

- Hauke

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