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I think the examples on page 4 of the tutorial (on blocks) are perhaps a bit too basic. I would like to add more exciting stuff, like

 m.row(i) += 3 * m.row(j);         (*)

What do you (in particular, Carlos, who is doing great work on the tutorial) think? Obviously, many people reading the tutorial are beginners - that's what it is for - so we should be careful to keep it simple. Perhaps (*) is too hard ?

On page 3 (arrays), perhaps we should mention mat1.cwiseMul(mat2) as an alternative to mat1.array() * mat2.array() ?

And what about other coefficient-wise operations, like array.square() ?
Or would that make the tutorial too long?

There are some topics which we might consider adding to the tutorial:
* output, how to change precision (perhaps more obvious now but that used
  to be a common question), .format() or whatever it's called
* special matrices (triangular, diagonal, etc)

Again, would these make the tutorial too long?

Of course, I realize that raising these issues may well mean I have to do it, but I'm not very certain of them so I thought I'd raise them first.


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