Re: [eigen] Proposal: documentation for Eigen3

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Robert Lupton the Good wrote:
I'm sure that we've all struggled with this one.  You _can_ write LaTeXy things in doxygen files, but is it a good idea?  The advantage is that you get the cross-links;  the downside is that you have to fake things to look like C++ comments, and that it isn't as nice as e.g. LaTeX (or your preferred tool --- I'm an astrophysicist, so TeX is very natural).
Well I was more propsoign to decouple tehc doc from non tech doc. Sphinx is ratehr nice for non-tech doc as you got crosslinking etc from a simple amrkup languages your grand-mother can understand. It also has proper output plugin for chm or pdf.

I'm strating to dislike doxygen more and more as the output is more or less ugly or hard to read for non-tech users.

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