Re: [eigen] Proposal: documentation for Eigen3

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2010/6/5 David Roundy <roundyd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello,
> I've just recently started using eigen2 (and I've been lurking on this
> list for a while), so I can't add much in the way of documentation
> suggestions for eigen3, but thought I'd add a bit of what I've found
> missing in the eigen2 documentation.
> There isn't any discussion of how to create one's own classes.   In
> particular, I'd like to create a class that inherits from MatrixBase
> (or whatever is necessary) such that I can do arithmetic on this
> class.  It's mostly going to be a large array, but will also contain a
> bit of metadata.  I could, of course, include the array as a data
> member, but then I wouldn't be able to do vector arithmetic on the
> objects directly, which would uglify the code.

That's right, we should add a page on writing one's own expression
classes. That goes into 4) in my proposal. In the special case where
you just want to inherit from Matrix, there is some doc there:

> I also wonder if there is a way to create classes such as subclasses
> of Vector3d, which retain their distinct identity, so you couldn't add
> together two different such classes.

Vector3d is a specialization of Matrix, so, see above link. I agree
that we need more docs in that area.


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