[eigen] 2.0.13 soon, testing needed

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an important crasher bug was just fixed in 2.0, see bug 132. So we
have to release 2.0.13 as soon as reasonably possible. I know it's
very bad luck as we are so busy now. What I need is that you build and
run the 2.0 testsuite on various platforms to confirm that we didn't
break things. For now I only checked GCC 4.5.

Most wanted platforms
 - ICC
 - QCC (it's one of the highlights of 2.0.13)
 - early GCC 4.x like 4.0 or 4.1
 - GCC 3.3 (ideally) or 3.4

Here's a reminder of how you test 2.0:

mkdir builddir
cd builddir
cmake -DEIGEN_BUILD_TESTS=ON /path/to/eigen-2.0


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