[eigen] beta1: Nullary tests failing

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Benoit & Gael: tests for nullary are failing, now at

Test testVectorType(VectorXf(51)) failed in "/home/cjb/eigenThings/eigenBetaTest/eigen/test/nullary.cpp" (91)
�� �(row_vector-col_vector.transpose()).norm() < NumTraits<Scalar>::epsilon()

and also with other tests with float. I just added:

���std::cout << "NumTraits<Scalar>::epsilon() => " << NumTraits<Scalar>::epsilon() << std::endl;
��std::cout << "Value => " << (row_vector-col_vector.transpose()).norm() << std::endl;

and got:

NumTraits<Scalar>::epsilon() => 1.19209e-07
Value => 5.33717e-05


NumTraits<Scalar>::epsilon() => 1.19209e-07
Value => 4.26496e-06

So I guess that it is the same we were fixing the other day but in a different place. If I change�NumTraits<Scalar>::epsilon() by�std::numeric_limits<Scalar>::epsilon()*10e3 then it runs ok (this would be Gael's fix). Should I push that in the repo?


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