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Hi Gang:

I've been working on/with linear algebra with C++ for many years, yet
I only found out about Eigen relatively recently; it is really amazing!
And, I just found this mailing list which is an excellent resource along
with the documentation. However, I am having a little trouble with searching
the archives since they are stored by month.  I'm wondering if there
is another interface like news.gmane.org that I have over-looked.  In any
case, is there any interest in having this available on gmane?  We have
one of our mailing lists, <http://dir.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.ess.general>,
on gmane so maybe I could help get that up and running if so.
Thanks for a great FOSS package!

Rodney Sparapani       Center for Patient Care and Outcomes Research
Sr. Biostatistician               http://www.mcw.edu/pcor
4 wheels good, 2 wheels better!   Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW)
WWLD?:  What Would Lombardi Do?   Milwaukee, WI, USA

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