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Gael, this is a great approach!

2010/6/18 Gael Guennebaud <gael.guennebaud@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi list,
> this is a message for all users of the Sparse module of the devel
> branch. As you probably noticed the Sparse module still requires some
> significant effort to reach a high API quality. Instead of delaying it
> for the 3.1 release, I moved all the parts which are far to be ready
> to an "unsupported" SparseExtra module to then focus on polishing what
> remains in Sparse/. The goal is to make crystal clear what is likely
> to change in the future to what will be considered API stable from
> 3.0. Currently, the SparseExtra module contains:
> - the RandomSetter mechanism
> - the home made LLT and LDLT direct decompositions
> Moreover each backend  has been moved into its own module. They are
> all in unsupported/ too.
> In practice, if you want to closely follow the devel branch, you
> simply have to add the eigen/unsupported path to your include
> directories and #include some of the following files according to your
> needs:
> #include <Eigen/SparseExtra>
> #include <Eigen/CholmodSupport>
> #include <Eigen/TaucsSupport>
> #include <Eigen/SuperLUSupport>
> #include <Eigen/UmfPackSupport>
> There is no preprocessor token like EIGEN_CHOLMOD_SUPPORT anymore.
> This new way to enable support for a given external library is cleaner
> and more scalable.
> So basically, in the Sparse module it only remains the storage classes
> and all the basic linear algebra features.
> In the near future I still authorize ourself to do all kind of API
> changes to the Sparse module until 3.0-beta2, and then do only bug
> fixes between beta2 and the 3.0.0 release. If we are lucky we might
> even consider to re-introduce some solvers. Let's see.
> So, if your current snapshot works for you it might be safer to stick
> with it until the 3.0 release.
> In the future, all the direct solvers and backends are very likely to
> be significantly rewritten. To ease the transition I plane to keep the
> old ones for some times.
> cheers,
> gael

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