[eigen] converting matrices to/from byte arrays

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Hi all,

Newbie question:

In order to use Eigen with a communication library I need to be able to do do reliable conversion of Eigen-matrices from and to byte arrays. The Map functionality will aid in the conversion from byte arrays (although I am a bit unsure about possible alignment issues and strides), but I am curious how I can reliably get a pointer to the memory underlying a matrix in order to push it into a communication buffer (given that the data can be strided).

I /am/ willing to assume equivalent hardware at the sender and receiver (i.e., alignment constraints and endianness).

I would appreciate it if someone could provide a pointer to a place where things of relevance to this are documented (if they are), or perhaps to an example that does something similar. The user documentation seems a bit terse on this particular issue.

Best regards, Sidney

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