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Am 21.04.2010 13:17, schrieb Hauke Heibel:
Well, sorry, I am just seeing that you use VC9 - got it from the build path.

On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 1:11 PM, Hauke Heibel
<hauke.heibel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
Hi Frank,

could you please let me know whether you are still using MSVC 2008 or
whether you already switched to 2010? All the errors I am seeing in
your dashboard are also occurring on my system and I already submitted
a bug report to Microsoft (see:_ but I was
under the impression that it was a new thing that just popped up with
MSVC 2010.


Hi Hauke,

I'm just back in town. The former Dashboard was build, I think, with my 2008 toolchain "MSVC-2010(10.0.21006.1)". The next one (upload estimated in <= 2h?) will be build in my 2010 toolchain (if I understand my own setup correctly)


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