Re: [eigen] If Eigen adds a tiny shared library (was: Malloc-free dynamic matrices)

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I think eigen should stick to it's header only roots. There are many
advantages in this approach. At worst, add the shared lib in the
unsupported folder.

On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 6:09 PM, FMDSPAM <fmdspam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It appears to me, that if eigen is adding a (even tiny) shared library,
> eigen is not a "header only lib" anymore, isn't it?
> So I have to ask: Don't that imply problems (or additional issues) in
> respect to LGPLv3 and closed source software?
> I have to admit, I didn't know the answer.
> Frank
> P.S.
> Special Thanks to Benoit for the LGPL-"Battle" with VTK people and the
> therefore exhausted License FAQ!

Rohit Garg

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