Re: [eigen] OpenMP support in the default branch

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On Friday 05 March 2010 12:06:02 Gael Guennebaud wrote:
> Hi,
> The SMP branch has been merged in the default one. Here is a short summary
> of what is new and how to use it:
> - improved matrix products, even for non SMP code.
> - to enable SMP support, simply enable openmp with your compiler (-fopenmp
> for gcc, -openmp for ICC, etc.)

Hehe, just thought I'd say that it works even for non-x86 architectures, this 
is from a prototype quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 @400Mhz (it's a prototype :)

$ OMP_NUM_THREADS=4 ./bench_gemm.gcc4.5.neon
eigen cpu         0.88s         0.30504 GFLOPS  (4.58s)
eigen real        0.228538s     1.17458 GFLOPS  (1.15504s)
eigen mono cpu    0.84s         0.319566 GFLOPS         (4.23s)
eigen mono real   0.84706s      0.316903 GFLOPS         (4.23695s)
mt speed up x3.67554 => 91.8886%

great job Gael!


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