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I presonally like them very much and I think you should keep using them.
I wouldn't mind putting the owl on a box of my software and add a
'powered by Eigen' or so :)

On 03/03/2010 02:09 PM, Benoit Jacob wrote:
> Hi List,
> I just got back in touch with David Benjamin, who had drawn our owl
> pictures 2 years ago. Indeed, with Eigen 3 on the horizon, I was
> thinking that some new graphics on our website would be very welcome.
> He's still interested in Eigen (actually using it) and potentially
> available to draw owls!
> But before asking him to, I'd like to check with you if our original
> vision for Eigen's mascot is still in line with the Eigen developer
> community. Indeed, our mascot dates back to March 2008...
> Let's give again this link which has most of the owls that David drew:
> Do you like them? OK to continue in that direction?
> Needless to say, _I_ like them a lot. Just checking if I'm still in
> sync with the developer community...
> If you are interested in a storyline, here's one: Eigen is a big
> clunky steam machine and is actually manned by an army of stupid
> little engineer-owls who work frenetically in the lower levels.
> Benoit

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