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Hi List,

I just got back in touch with David Benjamin, who had drawn our owl
pictures 2 years ago. Indeed, with Eigen 3 on the horizon, I was
thinking that some new graphics on our website would be very welcome.
He's still interested in Eigen (actually using it) and potentially
available to draw owls!

But before asking him to, I'd like to check with you if our original
vision for Eigen's mascot is still in line with the Eigen developer
community. Indeed, our mascot dates back to March 2008...

Let's give again this link which has most of the owls that David drew:

Do you like them? OK to continue in that direction?

Needless to say, _I_ like them a lot. Just checking if I'm still in
sync with the developer community...

If you are interested in a storyline, here's one: Eigen is a big
clunky steam machine and is actually manned by an army of stupid
little engineer-owls who work frenetically in the lower levels.


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