[eigen] ComplexEigenSolver with real matrices

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I am looking in more detail to the Eigenvalues module, since I'm using it in the MatrixFunctions module.

One thing I noticed is that ComplexEigenSolver<Matrix3f> does not work, because Matrix3f is a real matrix. Is this supposed to work? The many typedefs, distinguishing between real and complex scalars, seem to indicate so, and it shouldn't be hard to make it work. But if it's not supposed to work, I can add a note in the documentation.

The other thing is that the code is, ummm, not as tidy as the rest of the Eigen code base. I also noted the item in the todo list for 3.0: "The implementation borrowed from JAMA should be rewritten in a clean way separating the Real Schur decomposition as for the complex case. Then the ComplexEigenSolver and EigenSolver should be merged." Any objections if I start refactoring the code, add documentation, etc? As you know, I work slowly so I'm unlikely to make the 3.0 deadline.


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