[eigen] new eigen2 release (2.0.12) runs slower than 2.0.0 ?

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Hi all -- just a generic question w.r.t. benchmarking being done to
compare older vs newer eigen2 releases to see if, inadvertently, there
are performance-related regressions...

I have noticed that v 2.0.12 appears to have slowed down in comparison
to 2.0.0_1 ...

Currently, it's too time-consuming for me to unwind the code for a
particular bottleneck -- I have simply noticed that a complex function
(log-likelihood calculations made up from large dynamic matricies of
mainly column-major layout with some exp, cwise, select, etc. calls)
are taking ~3.4 seconds to calculate with 2.0.12 whilst taking ~3.1
seconds with the 2.0.0 (exactly same app's code and compilation
options (e.g. -DNDEBUG -O3 -ffast-math -march=native on E6550 core2
duo cpu -- implying SSE3 et al, eigen_vectorization macros etc etc
etc)... running with gcc 4.4 (threading model single) on FreeBSD with
drawf eh.

My current question would be if the new versions/releases of Eigen do
undergo the comparative (to earlier versions) performance-related
benchmarks tests to find any performance regressions et al?

The benchmarks page
appears to list march, 2009 (oldish) as the date for benchmarks?

.... and it only compares eigen2 vs other libs... are there any
already-done marks w.r.t. eigen vs eigen of different versions out

Kind regards

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