[eigen] sparse solution with taucs backend, and vc++ 2005

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I'm trying to do a very simple test using SparseMatrix and the taucs backend.
I basically created my test code by looking at the sparse_solvers..cpp test
code. My test works fine when I build on cygwin using g++ 3.4.4 but I get
compilation errors when I try to build with vc++ 2005. I've copied a code
snippet and compiler output below. I'm basically wondering if this is a known
problem and if there is some workaround? Is the vc++ 2005 compiler fully-supported
by Eigen? I'm using Eigen 2.0.10 by the way.



  Eigen::SparseMatrix<double> mat(dsm);
  Eigen::VectorXd u = Eigen::VectorXd::Map(rhs, n);
  typedef Eigen::SparseMatrix<double,Eigen::UpperTriangular|Eigen::SelfAdjoint> SparseSelfAdjointMatrix;
  std::cout << "u=" << u << std::endl;
d:\u_drive\src\eigen\2.0.10\eigen\eigen\src/Sparse/TaucsSupport.h(176) : error C2244: 'Eigen::SparseLLT<MatrixType,1>::m
atrixL' : unable to match function definition to an existing declaration
        d:\u_drive\src\eigen\2.0.10\eigen\eigen\src/Sparse/TaucsSupport.h(108) : see declaration of 'Eigen::SparseLLT<MatrixType,1>::matrixL'
        'const SparseLLT<MatrixType>::CholMatrixType &Eigen::SparseLLT<MatrixType,1>::matrixL(void) const'
        existing declarations
        'const Eigen::SparseMatrix<MatrixType::Scalar,2048> &Eigen::SparseLLT<MatrixType,1>::matrixL(void) const'

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