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As you can see on http://eigen.tuxfamily.org/CDash/index.php?project=Eigen+2.0&date=2010-02-06 I ran the test suite yesterday for the 2.0 branch with different versions of gcc on my ancient laptop (hence the long compile times). The good news is that it all went okay. I re-ran all the test that failed manually for a few times, and they all passed, so it was just a bad roll of the dice.

However, at some point we should perhaps think about what to do with these tests; a lot of them fail fairly frequently (for instance the lu tests) which makes them far less useful. Perhaps we should look at the lapack test suite, they have both hard fails (if the result is completely wrong) and soft fails.


PS: Good luck with the xpr template stuff which is way too complicated for me,

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