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2010/2/1 Aron Ahmadia <aja2111@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi Conference Attendees/Organizers,
> I've received approval from my manager to attend this meeting, I am
> still looking into the details of the visit.

Great !!

>  I'm interested in
> learning more about Eigen and how the techniques that have been used
> in writing this code could be extended into existing high performance
> scientific codes as well as how Eigen itself could be used to improve
> the capabilities of existing codes.

Great, that seems to fit in the meeting. You may be interested in
Friday morning especially, as it is the only time that we'll be able
to fully dedicate to general C++ techniques. The rest of the meeting
will have to revolve around Eigen per se. At least porting Eigen to
XLC is something that we could work on together, and usage of Eigen in
scientific computing is something worth dedicating some time!

> I'm happy to talk a little about the OpenMP and MPI parallel
> programming paradigms if that would be of interest to the group.  I'm
> a little less fluent with OpenCl, Intel TBB, and pthreads, but I could
> mention them as well.

That's very interesting, but a huge topic that we won't have time to
touch: we haven't started parallelizing and won't be able to until 3.0
is out.

> I could also prepare a presentation on the potential scientific
> computing applications I've identified that may benefit from the use
> of Eigen, both in existing libraries/codes and as a potential tool for
> future development.

Yes, this is very interesting. Keeping in line with the organization
of this meeting, since the number of attendees is very low, would you
agree keep your presentation to the bare minimum (say 15 minutes) and
then instead we'd discuss things in more detail in an informal
discussion? This seems to work better for such a small group of

I have reorganized Saturday to fit this:

As you can see I have moved all the talks to the morning, so that
afterward everyone can hack in small groups on various topics. The
idea is that the morning's talks give us ideas of stuff to hack on

> Of course, the main reason I'm interested in coming might be to sit
> down with Benoit until we can figure out how to get the IBM compilers
> working with Eigen :)

Yes, of course! One hacking group could spend some time to port Eigen to XLC.

> My dates are fairly flexible in the time frame that has been
> suggested.  I also don't want to force myself into the schedule if
> things are already fairly fixed (it is kind of hard to tell at this
> level of planning how flexible things are on your end).

We are still flexible as you can see, and I am really glad that you
can come. I am proposing to fit your talk and XLC porting in the
Saturday, tell me if that's OK. Again, you may be interested at least
in Friday too.

Hauke should be especially happy that you come, as you bring the
number of non-French-speakers up to 2 !!


> Warm Regards,
> Aron Ahmadia
> Assistant Research Scientist
> Supercomputing Laboratory
> King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
> On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 5:33 PM, Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've just updated the wiki:
>> First of all, everybody, notice that we now have large meeting rooms
>> everyday, so don't refrain from coming if something interests you,
>> e.g. the C++ session on Friday morning...!
>> I have a few questions, please edit the wiki with your answers:
>>  - Thomas, what's the name of the company of which we'll use the premises?
>>  - Hauke, OK to give the Eigen 10 minutes presentation? I can review a
>> draft if you like. I don't want to force you or to give you more work
>> to do, though.
>>  - Mathieu and Maxime, it now looks like the day that would work best
>> to discuss Lie stuff, would be Sunday. Do you plan to come?
>> Cheers,
>> Benoit
>> 2010/1/23 Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>>> We can go whenever we want until as late as we want. Even 6am-11pm if needed :-)
>>> ++
>>> Thomas
>>> --
>>> Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>> On Saturday 23 January 2010 06:07:19 Benoit Jacob wrote:
>>>> Thomas, what are the hours at which we may uses these offices?
>>>> I'd also like to know until what time on Sunday people will be able to stay?
>>>> Just need to know that and then I can propose a tentative schedule...

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