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2009/12/19 Benjamin Schindler <bschindler@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi
> On 18.12.2009 09:53, Gael Guennebaud wrote:
>> Another question: how to name the predefined typedef for Array ? The
>> problem is to distinguish 1D and 2D array. So for I've use the
>> following convention:
>> Array33f => 2D 3x3 Array of float
>> ArrayXXf => 2D dynamic Array of float
>> Array3f => 1D Array of float of size 3
>> ArrayXf => 1D dynamic Array of float
>> but that's not consistent with Matrix's typedefs. Any idea?
> May be It's a misunderstanding from my side, but isn't the array class
> mainly for component-wise operations? Is it so I can have a method
> .matrix() which returns a matrix with correct dimensions? If not, why do
> we even care about 2d arrays ArrayXf, Array2f etc would then suffice..

The Array class differs from the Matrix class in that all operations
on it are coeff-wise. The difference from the current .cwise()
approach is that Array can be used for storage just like Matrix, that
Array can be used as a Scalar type so you can do e.g.
Matrix<array,2,2>, and .cwise() is removed and is replaced by a
..array()/.matrix() methods that convert between Matrix and Array.


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