Re: [eigen] matrix exponential with c++0x

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2009/12/3 mmoll <Markus.Moll@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi
> Quoting Hauke Heibel <hauke.heibel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Well, over here removing the 'typename' in front of _Function fixes
>> the
>> compilation for GCC.
>> typedef _Functor Functor;
> Just a side note: avoid all names like _UnderscoreUppercase and
> doubleunderscore__anywhere, they are reserved for the library
> implementation. With something as generic as _Functor I see a real
> danger of collision there (_Functor could be an arbitrarily mean macro...).
> (But I wouldn't recommend using _EigenAvoidNameClashFunctor either)

I know, but we already have many of those, and it's rather convenient.
The other problem is that even if we adhere to that rule, we're still
not save from conflicts, for example standard library implementations
tend to define many preprocessor symbols without that convention, e.g.
'minor' on GCC... So far our attitude was just to cross fingers and in
case of conflict, work on a case by case basis...


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