[eigen] meeting in February?

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For some time I've been wanting to organize a Eigen meeting... today I
looked at possible dates and actually I have only 1 possible choice:
between Feb. 14 and Feb. 21. Indeed, between teaching duties and the
need for me to be available to start a new job right after my teaching
duties, I don't have other options that during this week (when my
students are on vacation).

I guess such a meeting should be 3 days long, that could be any time
inside that period. So let's propose from Friday Feb 19 to Sunday Feb

Location: why not Paris?
 - I would then not need any sponsoring (counts as vacations for me at
my parents place)
 - I would be able to host the meeting at my parents place during the
day (up to 8 people) or Thomas can (up to 6 people).
 - It's convenient and cheap for all the french people here, e.g. it's
just 3 hours train for Gael.
 - Other people need sponsoring but at least Paris is a good place for
international flights.
 - Gael: you could probably stay at my parents place too.
 - I know a good hotel with wifi at 60 euro/night, 65 for two people.

Conclusion: if this is OK for Gael then we can set this up right away
without any sponsoring and then more people can join conditionnally
depending on sponsoring, which is nice. We have to go fast though, as
it's just 10.5 weeks away !


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