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2009/11/4 Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> In data mercoledì 04 novembre 2009 19:29:28, Benoit Jacob ha scritto:
>> Just FYI, when you click "fork" on bitbucket, it seems to fork only
>> the branch you're currently viewing.
> oh ?
> I haven't tested that yet, but according to people on #bitbucket, "fork"
> really clones the whole repository... and this has not changed recently.

Actually it's even more stupid than that: when you press the fork
button, by default it only forks the branch to which 'tip' belongs.
See for yourself, I just tried it, use bjacob/just_a_try:

$ hg clone https://bjacob@xxxxxxxxxxxxx/bjacob/just_a_try/
$ hg branches
2.0                         1008:f2b82687e2c9
default                      870:3b8120f07786 (inactive)

This contains only the 2.0 branch as the current 'tip' is in the 2.0 branch..

To get the 'fork' button to contain the default branch, you have to
click on "advanced settings" and choose "default" under "fork at". I
don't see a way to fork the whole repo with all branches.

To actually fork a whole repo, there remain daddy's method of creating
a new empty repo and manually pushing the existing repo to it.


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