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In data mercoledì 04 novembre 2009 15:47:01, Björn Piltz ha scritto:
: > Hi all,
> I've created a fork which I want to keep up to date with eigen devel.
> I tried the following:
> hg pull -r default
> hg merge
> hg commit
> hg out
> > (lot's of changes)
> hg push
> >pushing to
> >searching for changes
> >abort: push creates new remote branch '2.0'!
> Any idea how I can get passed this?

How did you create your original fork ?

Checking, there is indeed only the 
'default' branch there. Which is weird.

The original eigen2 has two branches (default, 2.0).. and your clone has only 
one. So when you pull, you update your local copy, and this creates a new 
The problem might be that you used some option when cloning the first time in 
order to clone only one branch... In this case, just force the remote branch 
creation ('hg push -f'). and carefully check after this (hg in, hg out)

Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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