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(and the same applies to DiagonalMatrix, of course, and to
PermutationMatrix that i am coding at the moment)

2009/11/14 Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi,
> Currently the BandMatrix class takes Scalar, Rows,Cols template
> parametes that could be replaced by a single parameter DenseMatrixType
> representing the return value of toDense(). Not only this would allow
> to simplify the template parameters considerably, this would also be
> more future proof (it could read more data from the DenseMatrixType),
> and would allow to benefit from the MaxRowsAtCompileTime notion (for
> dynamic-size-inside-fixed-size-storage --- that is required to ensure
> "no malloc with fixed-size objects" in complicated use cases).
> So OK to let it take a DenseMatrixType template parameter instead? And
> in the Options, the RowMajor stuff would also move there, so that's a
> further simplification.
> Benoit

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