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2009/11/24 Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx>:
> 2009/11/23 Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> In data martedì 10 novembre 2009 23:24:55, Thomas Capricelli ha scritto:
>>> We now have 12 'unsupported' modules, and I think it's time to keep track
>>>  of those in a slightly more formal way.
>>> I've added this page to the wiki (I think it belongs there rather than the
>>> doxygen documentation as it's a moving target and not reference
>>>  information).
>>> I'll try to complete it as much as i can, but please add the information
>>>  you can, especially concerning the 'contact' column.
>> It has now been two weeks and some modules (5 out of 12) still have not been
>> updated. What should we do about this ? I'm afraid that one day or another, we
>> have to decide at which point we should consider that a module is
>> unmaintained. What do you think ?
> I think that all we can do, is to decide long in advance and announce
> clearly a "module freeze" date after which we reserve the possibility
> of saying that it's too late to move new modules to supported for 3.0.
> Not that it's a big deal: such modules could still go into 3.x.
> Such a "module freeze" could coincide with the feature freeze,
> actually. So let's announce now a feature freeze date. We can always
> delay that date in the future if we're really late, but it is still
> useful to give people an idea of when stuff needs to be ready in order
> to make it into 3.0.
> In order to go with the idea that 3.0-beta1 must focus on the
> essentials without necessarily be feature-complete, we should put the
> feature freeze a bit later; but not too much later. So why not
> schedule a beta2 coinciding with the feature freeze.
> We already have this date:
>  May 1 : tag beta1
> Do you think it's reasonable to say 6 weeks later:
>  June 12: tag beta2, feature freeze (implying module freeze)
> (i'm picking saturdays).

Nobody complained so I went ahead:


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