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Eigen 2.0.7 is released.

The source archive is at:

Changes since 2.0.6:

    * fix bug #61: crash when using Qt QVector on Windows 32-bit. By
Hauke Heibel.
    * fix bug #10: the reallocateSparse function was half coded
    * fix bug in SparseMatrix::resize() not correcting initializing by zero
    * fix another bug in SparseMatrix::resize() when outerSize==0. By
Hauke Heibel.
    * fully support GCC 3.3. It was working in 2.0.2, there was a
compilation error in 2.0.6, now for the first time in 2.0.7 it's 100%
tested (the test suite passes without any errors, warnings, or failed
    * SVD: add missing assert (help catch mistakes)
    * fixed warnings in unit-tests (Hauke Heibel)
    * finish syncing Memory.h with the devel branch. This is cleaner
and fixes a warning. The choice of system aligned malloc function may
be affected by this change.
    * add pkg-config support by Rhys Ulerich.
    * documentation fix and doc-generation-script updates by Thomas Capricelli.


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