Re: [eigen] Mapping array of scalars into quaternions

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2009/10/22 Mathieu Gautier <mathieu.gautier@xxxxxx>:
>> constructors and have different ei_traits. Now looking at the case of
>> quaternions, there too we need different constructors: the
>> QuaternionWrapper needs a ctor taking a pointer and doesn't want the
>> ctor taking 4 numbers, for example.
> With my patch, the pointer or the 4 scalars are given to the constructors of
> Matrix or Map<Matrix>. So, using the wrong constructor
> (Quaternion<,Map<Matrix>> with 4 scalars) will fail at build time. But it
> may not be explicit enough.
> The only specific function that I see would be a Remap(const Scalar*)
> function for the QuaternionWrapper.
> If the RotationBase <- QuaternionBase <- (QuaternionWrapper, Quaternion)
> inheritance layout is prefered, I could make a first version for
> QuaternionBase, Quaternion and QuaternionWrapper based on DiagonalMatrix,
> since I need it.

That would be great -- i could take care of doing Quaternion then,
that would be a piece of cake once you've done the rest.

In your patch, just let the Quaternion class untouched.


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