[eigen] Map: introduce "AlignedPointer" flag?

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This is for Gael. Currently in Map, what's the precise meaning of
"ForceAligned" ? Is it:

  " If you use packet access, then use aligned packet access " ?

If yes, is it correct to say that at the moment we don't offer any way
to tell that the pointer passed to Map is aligned, and that therefore
we may enable packet access also e.g. for good fixed sizes? I remember
you saying something like "we need a FirstAligned flag", were you
talking about that? What do you think about calling that
AlignedPointer and renaming ForceAligned to ForceAlignedAccess ?
Finally, can you remind me what the use case for ForceAligned is, if
we have AlignedPointer?

If you tell me all that I can try to get that done ;)


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