[eigen] 2.0 testing needed

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We now have enough in the 2.0 branch to justify a 2.0.6 release, but
this needs a lot of testing first.

The most dangerous change is that I backported:
* the body of ei_aligned_malloc and ei_aligned_free
---> this means that the choice of aligned malloc routine may now be
different. in particular, posix_memalign moved a bit down the list.
---> the best thing that you can do here is to run the unit tests
"dynalloc" and "unalignedassert"
* the EIGEN_ALIGN logic
---> this means that now you can also use EIGEN_DONT_ALIGN with the 2.0 branch
---> this means that the corresponding platform checks have changed,
so do test that your plaftform is still well handled (alignment if you
want alignment, no alignment if you don't want)
---> to check if alignment is enabled, check the value of EIGEN_ALIGN,
it should be 1


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