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2009/9/16 Gael Guennebaud <gael.guennebaud@xxxxxxxxx>:
> wow I did not know FullPivotingHouseholderQR was so heavy to compile !
> So I tried to find the compilation bottleneck and fyi the most
> expensive lines are clearly the 2 calls to applyHouseholderOnTheLeft
> in compute() and matrixQ().

Thanks for checking this,

> Actually, we can speedup a bit the compilation of applyHouseholder* if
> we temporarily overwrite the first coeff of the vector by 1. This
> strategy requires that the essential part is preceded by a valid
> scalar value, that is currently always the case.

currently we have:
- a matrix-vector product
- two level 1 operations
- an outer product

I understand that one can get rid of the two level 1 ops, but I wonder
if it's worth it.

> Then applyHouseholder boils down to a matrix-vector product. Since the
> latter is currently instantiated for each different type of the result
> (Matrix / Block / VectorBlock), one possibility to further amortize
> the compilation of applyHouseholder is to make the matrix-vector
> product routine depends only on the scalar type (and storage order).

This is a great idea in general!

But I did the following. First I put EIGEN_DONT_INLINE in front of the
applyHouse* methods. Then I compiled a.cpp only with MatrixXf,
commenting out MatrixXd.

=== 23:23:11 ~$ nm a | grep applyHouse | wc -l

This says that only one instantiation of applyHouse* is compiled, so
it itself instantiates only one matrix-vector product anyway, so the
proposed change would not have any impact in this particular

Trying to understand what causes the QR compilation to be so slow, I
generated symbol tables,

=== 23:36:27 ~$ g++ a.cpp -o a_square -I eigen2 -msse2 -O2 -DSVDOPTIONS=Square
=== 23:38:35 ~$ nm --print-size --size-sort a_square | grep Eigen |
tee symbols_a_square | wc -l
=== 23:38:38 ~$ g++ a.cpp -o a -I eigen2 -msse2 -O2
=== 23:38:50 ~$ nm --print-size --size-sort a | grep Eigen | tee
symbols_a | wc -l

So we see that doing the QR multiplies the number of Eigen symbols by 3 !!

See attached files, if you can make sense of that... i'm puzzled.
The matrix-vector product symbol itself takes 4 kilobytes, so it's not
explaining all the difference.


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