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2009/9/17 Rohit Garg <rpg.314@xxxxxxxxx>:
> With a specialized nlerp() you can't go general blending, which is
> needed while performing character skinning.
> IE, operations like (w1*Q1+w2*Q2.....+wN*QN).normalize(), what about them?

OK, before i can think more, i need to ask, what are realistic values of N here?
Is N always known at compile time or are you talking about a runtime N as in:

DualQuat s = 0;
for(int i = 0; i < N; ++i) s += w[i] * Q[i];


For the runtime N case, I think that the user must take care of the
optimization, i don't see how we can do that.
For compile-time-fixed N, N can't be very big, right? How big?


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