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> As I'm going to explain ASAP in a mail to this list, I believe that we
> can drop altogether the "bool success" in all solve() methods.
> There remains the choice of an API between
> API 1: a.solve(b,&result)
> and
> API 2: result = a.solve(b)
> The main argument in favor of API 1 is the one Keir mentions.
> But what about the wonderful little ReturnByValue class that Gael
> wrote? I suggest we investigate that, at the moment I don't see why it
> wouldn't work here! It would allow to have API 2 with the guarantee of
> it unfolding to the same as API 1.
> Maybe Gael can comment.
> Meanwhile, is there consensus that, if it works, then we want it?
> Again, this is assuming that the bool return value are removed, i'm
> going to write to the list to advocate that.
> Benoit

My vote for API 2 if it works.

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