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I recognized very long build times on my machine and tried to look
into improving them. There, I recognized that the generator is fixed
to NMake on Windows systems. Does this have a particular reason? I
quickly tried the "Visual Studio 9 2008" generator and my build times
dropped by 10 minutes (~33%). In case nobody objects I would like to
add an optional parameter for the test suite that allows to
specify/overwrite the generator. Any remarks or am I good to go?

Another thing, I tried out the idea suggested by Frank, i.e. to add
different CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS since for new visual studio versions there
exists an /MP flag that enables building different source files in
parallel as opposed to building different projects in parallel.
Unfortunately, it did not work as expected. Here is what I tried to
add to the testsuite.cmake file:


If anybody has ideas why this failed please let me know.

- Hauke

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