Re: [eigen] bug in data() on col/row

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Benoit Jacob wrote:
2009/8/30 Benjamin Schindler <bschindler@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

Well, I know that this was my expectation - and I'm fully aware that this
code is kinda bogus. But on the other hand, writing

somematrix.row(2).data() does give the expectation that you get that row
data (as this is what the code is trying to tell me).
That's why I wrote that mail - I think that code is unsafe and can lead to
"unexpected" behaviour and if there is something Eigen can do about this, it
should be done

Ah, OK, I understand your point. Sorry I didn't get it the first time.

But what can Eigen do, when it sees data() being called on a
non-memory-contiguous block, such as a row in a column-major matrix?

Should it just forbid that (with an assertion) ?
That's open for discussion. There is an argument against, though:
there's a use case for using data() to retrieve the address of the
first coefficient in the row, and then iterate by incrementing this
pointer by the size of a column, to traverse the row.
Now when I think more about it, the problem of detecting whether a block is contiguous or not is not that easy. If the block is contiguous, the code is just fine, so it should be accepted. So throwing an assert based on that if would make sense to me. For your use case: I think the use case is valid, but there are many other ways of doing this, like: &m(2,0) + cols*i (which I consider a much better way as the code tells you directly what storage order is expected)




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